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Actimail is a very powerfull e-mail marketing solution.


  • Technology
    • no SPAM policy
    • powerfull e-mailer engine
  • Your prospects
    • Organised in files
      • Files can be merged (all, intersection or substraction)
      • Files are virtual references to prospects. No duplicates in the system. Never.
    • Can be imported (CSV (Xls))
    • Can be exported ( CSV (Xls))
  • Your newsletters
    • Are organised in campaigns
      • Your pages (newsletters) support
        • WYSIWYG edition
        • expert mode (code)
        • links monitoring
        • images embedding
        • automatic links insertion for "remove me" and "can't see properly"...
      • Your forms (interactivity)
        • Create forms
          • Trigger actions:
            • When the target opens the form
            • When the target post thr form
          • Define actions:
            • pre-fill the form with target or sender data
            • add target to a file
            • trigger another mail sending
              • to the target
              • to someone else (viral marketing...)
            • update file data
          • Cascade forms
      • Your mailings
        • Send them manually or schedule them
        • Get Statistics
          • How many sent/How many left/how many oppened it.
            • spy flag
          • Timeline
          • Most clicked links
  • Your templates
    • To harmonize your newsletters
    • To style your forms and the "unsubscribe" screens


Users from CMS3 and Culturo can use Actimail

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